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Winnebago Man, the grumpiest educational video presenter ever. A Winnebago training videos bloopers were first leaked onto a VHS tape, and the VHS tape was copied over and over thus creating a pre-internet viral video. Posted on the internet in 2006 it skyrocketed even more and thrust Jack Rebney, aka the Winnebago man to millions of views. It spurned off a documentary film in march of 2009(Click HERE to watch) rightly titled Winnebago Man.

The documentary film by Ben Steinbauer traces the origins of the viral video and gives us a portrait of the Winnebago Man himself,the mysterious Jack Rebney. The Filmmaker befriends jack, who he found living in solitude on the top of a mountain. At first Jack Rebney was hesitant to talk, but after the filmakers constant encouragement, he finally agrees to talking. Once he starts talking, he gives his opinions on life, politics and more in his irritated style. The real Winnebago man Does not disappoint. His fame was unknown by him who was taken by surprise and a little distrusting on the subject. The documentary was received well and grabbed great reviews all around. The movie also picked up several awards.

Jack Showed up at a screening of the movie and afterwards answered several questions from his fans. Not realizing his reach and how many fans he had, he was noticeably taken by surprise and became visibly emotional. Although the Jack Rebney story has slowed since 2011, The Winnebago Man will live on in viral video history. See below for more videos and links of Jack Rebney.

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