Boom Goes the Dynamite – classic Viral videos

The And Boom goes the Dynamite video is an early viral video that was posted in 2005 by the then popular site ebaumsworld. It has 9.5 Million views, and is one of my personal favorites. I think this video is very underrated. The info for the video simply states; The Worst Sports guy in history. The boom goes the dynamite video is 3 minutes and 54 seconds long, just shy of 4 minutes.

The video begins with a interesting looking skinny white guy in the setting of a news desk. The goofy looking guy is Brian Collins who some say is the worst sports man ever on TV. Every Sportscaster has to be a personality in our digital age. And being a sports personality, you have to have a catch phrase. The video starts to a slightly caught off guard Brian, who then starts his sports news dialogue.

Brian is obviously quite nervous as he stumbles through reading the cue cards and squirming around. At 20 seconds into the video he even lost his entire train of thought and after an excruciating silence he continues on with his so far horrible sports news. After he has finished his horrid reporting on the cardinals, he starts his next segment on the ball state softball team. As the report cuts away to baseball footage, Brian Collins trips all over his words, and you can hear him really starting to get frustrated with himself. There is total silence for over 20 seconds which is incredibly long for a news program.

Brian Collins starts his next segment about the ball state tennis team. As you have probably already guessed, he horribly botches this segment as well. He then misses his cue to talk about the NBA team the pacers, as a the graphic goes up for his next part of his dialogue. He talks about the pacers hopes for the next game and considering all of his earlier failures, he starts out doing a decent job. He then cues the highlight reel of the basketball game as the camera switches to the footage.

The newscast takes another wrong turn as he cant keep up the dialogue that was suppose to have been said during the highkights. Again he creats a horrible silence with only the sound of Brian shuffling papers nervously. He then starts to call the basketball game as if it was live saying things like “Reggie Miller shoots a 3, and it’s good!” At 2 minutes 28 seconds the peak of the hilarity has come to pass as he throws out his carefully thought up catchphrase, the now infamous Boom Goes the Dynamite!

His last segment goes exactly as the rest as he continually trips over his words. The video lasts for another excruciating minute as Collins tries to relay the scores for some games recently played.

At 3 minute and 39 seconds the camera changes to a view of the regular news anchors looking aghast and puzzled at Brian Collins and his Boom Goes the Dynamite. The video quickly ends as the news station goes to commercial.

This video is a great example of second hand embarrassment. Brian should have worked more on his reading skills and less on his catch phrase, but luckily for us, he didn’t. And for all of our pleasure, a classic viral video is born.

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