Airplane House – Joanne Ussarys Boeing 727

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Owner: Joanne Ussary
Plane Type: Boeing 727-224
Commercial Flight Company: Continental Airlines
First Flight: May 1968
Last flight: Sept 1993
Date Converted: 1994
Layout: 3 Bedrooms, Full Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room, 2 Bathrooms
Location: Benoit, Lake Whittington, Mississippi
Name given to the house: Little Trump
Featured on: The David Letterman Show, The Today Show, Various Published Magazines and Newspapers
Total Cost: 30,000 USD

Meet Joanne Ussary, the owner of the infamous airplane house. Joanne’s story started with a tragedy. 1994 held a seemingly unwelcome surprise for Joanne. Her home in Benoit, Miss. was destroyed by a winter storm. Large trees fell onto her home, which was made by wood framing. It was a complete loss. So this was the spark that put Joanne Ussary into her unusual dream home, the airplane house.

Joanne had a great idea when she found a Boeing 727 for sale. A relative of hers, who was a traffic controller for a airport, recommended she look into a retired airplane. She would build it into her own ultimate living space. She picked up the Boeing airplane for the meager two thousand dollars, which is not bad for her future home. Moving such a large vehicle is a expensive prospect, and it cost her four thousand to do this. So far if you think about it, she has only spent six thousand on her house to be.

The plane sits on a nice plot of land that Joanne owned with amazing overlooks of a lake.

Next, the proud airplane house owner needs to convert it into a more habitable dwelling. Although the cost eclipses the price and moving of the airplane itself, it was very creatively converted. The tail of the plane was used as a sort of foundation, they encased it with very thick concrete. The stairs of the former commercial plane acts as her entry point into the house. It was fitted with a remote, like a garage door opener. One of the original bathrooms was kept in the plane and her second bathroom was in the cockpit of the plane.

The cockpit bathroom also includes a Jacuzzi. That’s pretty good living. The house was nicknamed after Donald Trump, since he owns a similar plane. She called it Little Trump. She lived in the airplane house for 4 years. Another tragedy befell Joanne When she tried to move her airplane house a few miles from its current location, it ended up badly damaged whilst it was being moved. She was trying to move the plane so it could be open to the public for viewing.

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