Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend – Tyria Moore

She is known for being one of America’s most notorious female serial killers. Apart from working as a commercial sex worker for a living and murdering men who were rude to her at work, Aileen Wuornos also had a love life like any other human being. She was a lesbian and Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend was named Tyria Moore.

aileen wuornos girlfriend

The two lovers had met in 1986 at a lesbian bar which was popularly known as Daytona Bar located at the Daytona Beach. They lived together until Aileen Wuornos’ arrest in 1991, when she was apprehended at the Last Resort in Port Orange, Florida.

Tyria Moore, Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend,  is originally from Cadiz, Ohio. Clarke Gable, on an unrelated note, is also from Cadiz. Tyria was a below par student at a local vocational school, but left her town and Ohio after she started having a rough time with her Christian parents, who did not approve of her lesbian lifestyle.

That’s when Aileen swooped in and established a romantic connection at the Daytona bar with the vulnerable Tyria. They quickly moved in together as a couple. Very shortly after the new couple moved in together,  Tyria found out that Wuornos was a prostitute and that she had been killing men. Even armed with that information, the two continued being together. She stayed Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend. It is alleged that the two had lead a nomadic lifestyle, frequently shifting their homes (motels) for the four years they were in a relationship.

The two lovers had faced off with the law several times over the period they stayed together. The couple faced assault charges in 1987 and in 1988 when Wuornos had been involved in a case with a bus driver. Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend, Tyria, was the main witness. The couple also was involved in a car accident (the car was allegedly stolen) in 1990.

Aileen Wuornos then went on to murder a policeman and had to run for her life. This was the last straw and cause for the couple to split up. Moore returned home to her family. After some time, Wuornos was finally arrested and the police had to find Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend, Tyria Moore. They figured if the two had been staying together, then Tyria Moore might have crucial information related to Wuornos’ case.

The police tracked down Tyria in Pennsylvania, where she had been living with her sister. The police threatened that she could face a jail time if she was not cooperative with the investigation. Through the pressure of the police, Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend convinced Aileen to confess to her murder charges. In 1992, during the trial of Wuornos’ case, Tyria turned up as a star witness. She testified against her old girlfriend.

Tyria Moore’s confession included a particular evening after Wuornos had shot a man dead. Wuornos had earlier told the police that she had killed that man while she was defending herself, but Moore told the court that Wuornos did not look physically hurt or in harms way on the day in question.

The couple last saw each other in that court room. Aileen Wuornos faced a death sentence. Aileen’s Girlfriend becomes the ex girlfriend. Aileen died in 1992 after recieving a lethal injection as per her sentence and thus ending the unique love story. It is known that during her death row period, Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend never made calls or at any time paid her a visit.

Currently, Tyria Moore is residing at undisclosed location perhaps not to expose her identity. What’s more the couples’ story (the events that took place while they were living together) was covered in a movie known as “Monster.” Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend was played by Christina Ricci

Aileen Wuornos Monster Movie

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