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What Are Related Words To Raw?

Synonyms for Raw include:

aching, achy, acold, agonised, agonising, agonized, agonizing, algid, arctic, au naturel, bald, bare, bare-ass, bare-assed, bare-breasted, bared, barefaced, bareheaded, barelegged, battle-scarred, below the belt, biting, bitter, black-and-blue, bleak, blistered, bottomless, braless, broken, bruised, burned, burning, callow, chafed, cheating, clothesless, cold, contused, contusioned, cool, crisp, crude, cut, cutting, damaged, dirty, disabled, disjointed, dislocated, dull, en deshabille, eviscerate, excruciating, explicit, exposed, expressed, fledgling, foul, frigid, frigorific, frore, frosty, frozen, galled, garmentless, gashed, gelid, glacial, half-baked, half-clothed, harmed, harmful, harrowing, heatless, hors de combat, hurt, ice-cold, icy, impaired, impure, in dishabille, in one's birthday suit, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, in your birthday suit, inexperienced, inexperient, inhumane, injured, itchy, lacerate, lacerated, livid, maimed, mangled, mother-naked, mutilated, naif, naive, naked, naked as a jaybird, naked as the day one was born, naked as the day you were born, natural, new, nipping, nippy, nude, off-the-shoulder, open, out of action, overt, painful, parky, partial, peeled, poignant, polar, prickling, public, racking, raimentless, rare, raw, refrigerant, refrigerated, refrigerating, rimed, rimy, rough, rough-cut, roughhewn, rude, saddle-sore, scantily clad, seminude, sensitive, separated, shivery, slashed, snappy, sore, stabbed, stark naked, starkers, stinging, stone-cold, stripped, tender, tingling, topless, torn, torturesome, torturing, torturous, traumatic, unadorned, unanalyzed, unappareled, unattired, unburnished, unclad, unclothed, unconcealed, uncooked, uncovered, undecorated, underclothed, underdone, undisguised, undressed, unfair, unfattened, unfinished, unfledged, ungarbed, ungarmented, unheated, unhewn, uninitiate, uninitiated, unjust, unpainted, unpolished, unpracticed, unpractised, unprocessed, unrefined, unsanded, unseasoned, unskilled, unsmooth, unsound, unsporting, unsportsmanlike, untested, untoasted, untreated, untried, unversed, unvulcanised, unvulcanized, unwarmed, visible, without a stitch, wounded, wrenching, young

raw is a ADJ.

altogether, birthday suit, raw

raw is a NOUN.

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