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What Are Related Words To Livid?

Synonyms for Livid include:

ablaze, achromatic, aggravated, angered, angry, ashen, autofluorescent, battle-scarred, bioluminescent, black, black-and-blue, blanched, bleached, blistered, bloodless, bright, broken, bruised, burned, candent, candescent, choleric, colorless, colourless, contused, contusioned, cut, damaged, disabled, disjointed, dislocated, drab, dulled, enraged, etiolate, etiolated, eviscerate, faded, floodlighted, floodlit, fluorescent, furious, gashed, greyed, harmed, hors de combat, hot under the collar, huffy, hurt, illuminated, illuminating, impaired, incandescent, incensed, indignant, inflamed, infuriated, injured, irascible, irate, ireful, lacerate, lacerated, lamplit, light, lighted, lighting-up, lit, livid, luminescent, lurid, mad, maddened, maimed, mangled, mutilated, out of action, outraged, pale, pallid, pastelike, pasty, phosphorescent, prefaded, provoked, raw, reddened, separated, slashed, smoldering, smouldering, sober, somber, sombre, sore, stabbed, sunlit, sunstruck, torn, umbrageous, unsound, wan, washed-out, washy, waxen, waxlike, waxy, well-lighted, white, whitened, wounded, wrathful, wroth, wrothful

livid is a ADJ.

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