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What Are Related Words To Open?

Synonyms for Open include:

acceptant, acceptive, accessible, acquirable, active, addressable, admissive, agape, agaze, ajar, all-weather, allergic, amenable, apparent, artless, assailable, assimilative, available, axiomatic, bald, barefaced, blatant, blazing, brisk, bustling, busy, candid, capable, clear, coarse, coarse-grained, color-blind, colour-blind, compromising, conquerable, conspicuous, convincible, dangerous, declared, defenceless, defenseless, definite, definitive, demonstrable, denotative, denotive, disclosed, discovered, discretionary, doubtful, easy, endangered, evident, exhibitionistic, exoteric, explicit, exposed, express, expressed, farinaceous, fictile, for sale, forthcoming, frank, free, gaping, getable, gettable, going, grainy, granular, granulated, granulose, graphic, gritty, hard-core, hardcore, harsh, heart-to-heart, hospitable, hypaethral, hypersensitised, hypersensitive, hypersensitized, hypethral, impartial, in full view, in stock, in the public eye, indefensible, ingenuous, insecure, large-grained, lendable, liable, loose, manifest, mealy, naif, naive, naked, national, nonimmune, nonracist, nonresistant, nonunion, nonunionised, nonunionized, obtainable, obvious, on hand, on tap, open, open-and-shut, open-ended, open-plan, opened, overt, patent, penetrable, persuadable, persuasible, plain, pliable, plush-like, plushy, predisposed, procurable, provable, public, purchasable, raw, ready, receptive, responsive, revealed, rough, self-evident, self-explanatory, semipublic, sensitised, sensitive, sensitized, sincere, springy, staring, state-supported, stated, suasible, subject, suggestible, supersensitised, supersensitive, supersensitized, susceptible, taken for granted, temptable, tentative, threatened, tractable, transparent, unambiguous, unclogged, unconcealed, unconstricted, undecided, undefendable, undefended, under attack, under fire, undetermined, undisguised, undistorted, unenclosed, unequivocal, unexclusive, unfastened, unfenced, unguarded, unimpeded, univocal, unmistakable, unobstructed, unorganised, unorganized, unprejudiced, unprotected, unresistant, unresolved, unrestricted, unsafe, unsealed, unsettled, unshielded, unsmooth, unstoppered, unvaccinated, visible, vulnerable, wide, wide-eyed, wide-open, writ large, yawning

open is a ADJ.

clear, open, open ai, open air, out-of-doors, outdoors, surface

open is a NOUN.

afford, give, open, open up, spread, spread ou, spread out, unfold

open is a VERB.

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