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What Are Related Words To Cold?

Synonyms for Cold include:

acold, addled, age-old, aggravated, air-conditioned, air-cooled, algid, antediluvian, antiquated, antique, archaic, arctic, asleep, assassinated, at peace, at rest, auld, bad, barbarous, beastly, bestial, big, bleak, blood-and-guts, bloodless, brain dead, breathless, brutal, brute, brutish, caller, cannibalic, chill, chilly, clean, clear, cold, cold-blooded, coldhearted, comatose, complete, concentrated, consuming, consummate, cool, crisp, cruel, cutting, d.o.a., day-old, dead, deathlike, deathly, deceased, deep, defunct, departed, distant, doomed, down, down pat, emotionless, errorless, exact, exanimate, executed, exquisite, exsanguine, exsanguinous, extreme, fallen, far, far-off, faraway, farther, farthermost, farthest, faultless, fell, fierce, flawless, flyblown, frigid, frigorific, frore, frost-bound, frostbitten, frosty, frozen, further, furthermost, furthest, gelid, glacial, glaciated, gone, half-hearted, halfhearted, hand-down, hand-me-down, hard, heatless, hoary, ice-clogged, ice-cold, icebound, icy, ideal, idealised, idealized, idyllic, immaculate, immemorial, immoderate, impeccable, inanimate, incognizant, inhuman, inhumane, innocent, insensate, insensible, intemperate, intense, intensified, intensive, involuntary, kayoed, keen, knocked out, KO'd, late, lifeless, limp, long-ago, longtime, loveless, lukewarm, maggoty, main, mastered, mint, moldy, mouldy, murdered, musty, nipping, nippy, nonconscious, noncurrent, nonmodern, nonviable, nonvoluntary, off the beaten track, old, out, out-of-the-way, outlying, overwhelming, painful, parky, passionless, past, patched, perfect, perfectible, pitiless, platonic, pluperfect, polar, precooled, profound, pulseless, raging, rancid, raw, refrigerant, refrigerated, refrigerating, remote, removed, rimed, rimy, roughshod, rusty, savage, screaming, secondhand, semicomatose, senseless, severe, shivery, slain, sleety, smart, snappy, spiritless, spoiled, spoilt, stale, stillborn, stone-cold, stone-dead, strong, stunned, subconscious, sunset, tearing, tepid, terrible, terrific, thick, trigger-happy, unabated, unaffectionate, unagitated, unaware, unblemished, unbroken, uncaring, unconscious, uncorrupted, undefiled, unemotional, unenthusiastic, unflawed, unfriendly, unheated, unimpassioned, unkind, unloving, unmelted, unoriginal, unresponsive, unromantic, unthawed, unvoluntary, unwarmed, used, utmost, utopian, uttermost, vehement, vicious, violent, water-cooled, wicked, wild, wilted, wintry, worn, yellow, yellowed

cold is a ADJ.

cold, coldness, common cold, frigidity, frigidnes, frigidness, low temperature

cold is a NOUN.

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