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What Are Related Words To Unhealthy?

Synonyms for Unhealthy include:

afflicted, aguish, ailing, air sick, airsick, angry, apractic, apraxic, arthritic, asthmatic, autistic, bad, bandy, bandy-legged, bedfast, bedrid, bedridden, bilious, blebby, blistery, bloated, bloodshot, bowed, bowleg, bowlegged, broken, broken-backed, bronchitic, cankerous, carbuncled, carbuncular, carious, carsick, caseous, chilblained, colicky, consumptive, convalescent, creaky, crippled, crippling, crookback, crookbacked, cytomegalic, cytopathogenic, damaged, dehydrated, delirious, diabetic, dipped, disabled, disabling, diseased, distended, dizzy, dropsical, dyspeptic, edematous, enlarged, faint, feverish, feverous, flabby, flaccid, flatulent, foaming, foamy, frail, frothing, funny, game, gammy, gangrenous, gassy, gibbous, giddy, gimpy, gouty, green, hallucinating, halt, halting, handicapped, harmful, high-risk, humpbacked, humped, hunchbacked, icteric, ill, impaired, incapacitating, indisposed, infected, infective, inflamed, inflammatory, ingrowing, ingrown, injured, insalubrious, insubstantial, intumescent, jaundiced, jejune, knock-kneed, kyphotic, laid low, laid up, lame, light, light-headed, lightheaded, liverish, livery, loathsome, long, lordotic, maimed, membrane-forming, membranous, mental, milk-sick, morbid, morbific, mortified, mutilated, nauseated, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, nonmedicinal, noxious, offensive, palsied, paralytic, paralyzed, paraplegic, pathogenic, pathologic, pathological, peaked, poorly, pro-inflammatory, proinflammatory, puffed, puffy, queasy, rachitic, recovering, rheumatic, rheumatoid, rheumy, rich, rickety, risky, sallow, scrofulous, seasick, seedy, septic, sick, sick-abed, sickening, sickish, sickly, sneezy, soft, sore-eyed, spastic, spavined, speculative, stricken, sunburned, sunburnt, swayback, swaybacked, swollen, swooning, toxic, tubercular, tuberculous, tumescent, tumid, turgid, ulcerated, ulcerous, under the weather, unfit, unhealed, unhealthful, unhealthy, unmedical, unmedicative, unmedicinal, unsound, unwell, unwholesome, upset, varicose, vertiginous, vile, wheezing, wheezy, wildcat, windburned, windburnt, woozy, yellow

unhealthy is a ADJ.

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