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What Are Related Words To Slight?

Synonyms for Slight include:

adynamic, anaemic, anemic, anorectic, anorexic, asthenic, boney, bony, cadaverous, debilitated, deep-eyed, delicate, ectomorphic, emaciated, enervated, faint, feeble, flaccid, flimsy, fragile, gangling, gangly, gaunt, gutless, haggard, hollow-eyed, jerry-built, lame, lank, lanky, lax, lean, less, limp, little, namby-pamby, pale, pallid, pinched, powerless, puny, rawboned, reedlike, reedy, scarecrowish, scraggy, scrawny, shoddy, shriveled, shrivelled, shrunken, sick, skeletal, skinny, slack, slender, slender-waisted, slight, slim, slim-waisted, small, spare, spindle-legged, spindle-shanked, spindly, spineless, stringy, sunken-eyed, svelte, tender, tenuous, thin, trim, twiggy, twiglike, underweight, untoughened, vulnerable, wan, wasp-waisted, wasted, weak, weakened, weedy, wiry, wishy-washy, wisplike, wispy, withered, wizen, wizened

slight is a ADJ.

rebuff, slight

slight is a NOUN.

cold-shoulder, slight

slight is a VERB.

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