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What Are Related Words To Free?

Synonyms for Free include:

all-weather, approximate, approximative, at large, atrip, autarkic, autarkical, autonomous, available, aweigh, breakaway, buckshee, case-by-case, clear, commutative, complimentary, costless, detached, discharged, discretionary, disentangled, emancipated, escaped, excessive, extravagant, extricated, exuberant, fissiparous, floating, footloose, free, free of, free-living, free-range, free-soil, freeborn, freed, freewheeling, gratis, gratuitous, highflying, imprecise, inaccurate, independent, indie, individual, inexact, insecure, item-by-item, liberal, liberated, loose, non-paying, non-slave, nonparasitic, nonsymbiotic, odd, on the loose, open, open-ended, open-plan, out-of-school, outstanding, overweening, owed, owing, pro bono, released, rent-free, rough, round, self-directed, self-governing, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-sufficing, self-supporting, self-sustaining, separate, separatist, single-handed, slaveless, sovereign, spare, strong-minded, unaffiliated, unbound, unbridled, unbuttoned, unchained, unchecked, uncommitted, uncompensated, unconditional, unconfined, unconstrained, uncontrolled, uncurbed, undischarged, unfettered, unfirm, unfixed, ungoverned, unhampered, unhindered, unimprisoned, uninhibited, unlaced, unoccupied, unpaid, unreserved, unrestrained, unrestricted, unsalaried, unshackled, unsteady, untethered, untied

free is a ADJ.

free, loose

free is a ADV.

free, free people

free is a NOUN.

absolve, discharge, disembarrass, disengage, dislodge, exempt, free, give up, justify, liberate, loos, loose, release, relieve, relinquish, resign, rid, rid of, unblock, unfreeze, unloose, unloosen

free is a VERB.

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