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What Are Related Words To Unfree?

Synonyms for Unfree include:

adscript, adscripted, apprenticed, articled, at bay, babelike, bloodsucking, bond, bound, captive, chained, circumscribed, classified, claustrophobic, close, closed, confined, confining, cornered, dependent, enchained, enslaved, entangled, enthralled, fettered, furled, helpless, homebound, housebound, imprisoned, in bondage, in bonds, in chains, in fetters, indentured, interdependent, jailed, leechlike, limited, mutualist, mutually beneficial, myrmecophilous, nonautonomous, nonsovereign, off-limits, out-of-bounds, parasitic, parasitical, pent, pinioned, prisonlike, reliant, restricted, rolled, serflike, servile, shackled, shut up, shut-in, slave, slaveholding, snowbound, stormbound, symbiotic, tethered, tied, trapped, treed, trussed, underage, unfree, weather-bound, wired

unfree is a ADJ.

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