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NAB Definition
NAB Definition

What's The Definition Of NAB?

The definition of NAB is:

Mina Airline Company



Name Binding Protocol

NAPA TruStop Brakes

Natioanal Association of Broadcasters

National Accountability Bureau

National Accreditation Body

National Advisory Body

National Aircraft Beacon

National Allergy Bureau

National Alliance of Business

National Alliance of Businessmen

National Assistance Board

National Association of Bikers

National Association of Bookmakers

National Association of Braodcasters

National Association of Broadcasters

National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank Limited


NATO Appeals Board

Natural antibodies

Natural antibody

Naval Air Base

Naval Amphibious Base

Navigational Aid to Bombing

Needle aspiration biopsy

Netscape Application Builder

Netware Asynchronous Board

Neuropsychological Assessment Battery

Neutralising antibodies

Neutralising antibody

Neutralizing Ab

Neutralizing antibodies

Neutralizing antibody

New American Bible

Next Address Bus


Nocturnal acid breakthrough

Nocturnal gastric acid breakthrough

Non-accrual basis

North Atlantic Basin

Not A Blonde

Not A Bug

Not above

Novell Address Book

Nuclear Assembly Bulding

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