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HTC Definition
HTC Definition

What's The Definition Of HTC?

The definition of HTC is:


Haiti Trans Air

Hand Tool Carrier

Hanford Training Center


Hardware Thermal Controller

Hardware Trace Cache

HDLC Transceiver Cell

Heat Transfer Coefficient

Heat-Transfer Control

Helsinki Telephone Corporation


Hepatoma cell line

Hepatoma cells

Hepatoma tissue culture

Hermitage Technical Center

Hi Tech Centre

High Pressure Turbine Casing

High Tc

High Tech Computer

High Technology Computer

High toxicity clastogens

High-Tech Ceramics

High-Tech Ceramics, Inc.

High-Temperature Carbon

High-Temperature Ceramics

High-Temperature Chemistry

High-Temperature Chlorination

High-Temperature Combustion

High-Temperature Corrosion

High-Temperature Creep

High-Temperature Crystalline

High-Temperature Crystallizable

High-Temperature Crystallization

Higher Technical Certificate

Highest Two-Way Channel

Highway Transport Command

Historic Tax Credits

Hit the cell

Home Training Center

Homozygous t cell test

Homozygous typing cell

Homozygous typing cells

Horizontal Toggle Clamp

Horizontal transfer corridor

Horry Telephone Cooperative

House Transportation Committee

Houston Comets

Houston Technology Center

Houston-Tillotson College

HTML Component

HTML Components

Human-Tended Capability

Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp.

Huston-Tillotson College

Hybrid Technology Computer

Hydro-Treating Catalyst

Hydrographic and Topographic Center

Hydrographic Topographic Center

Hydrometeorological Training Council

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