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HTA Definition
HTA Definition

What's The Definition Of HTA?

The definition of HTA is:

Half tetrad analysis

Health Technologies Assessment

Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment Database

Heat-Transfer Agent


Helicopter Training Area



Heritable Translocation Assay

Heteroduplex tracking analysis

Heteroduplex tracking assay

Heterophil transplantation antigen

Hierarchical Task Analysis

High Tech Academy

High temperature alarm

High Threat Area

High-Temperature Alloy

High-Temperature Amorphous

High-Temperature Anneal

High-Temperature Annealing

High-Temperature Approximation

Highway Traffic Act

Hirsutellin A

Hohenfels Training Area

Hollywood Talent Agency

Horizontal test assembly

Horticultural Trades Association

Houston Angels

HTML Application

HTML Applications

Human thymocyte antigen

Hunting Allowed

Hyalinizing trabecular adenoma

HyperText Application

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