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HSC Definition
HSC Definition

What's The Definition Of HSC?

The definition of HSC is:

Haematopoietic stem cell

Haematopoietic stem cells

Haemopoietic stem cell

Haemopoietic stem cells

Hall Social Coordinator

Hampden-Sydney College

Hand and shoe contamination

Hardman System Command

Hardware and Software Coordination

Hardware System Command

Hardware Systems Command

Hardware Systems Commands

Hardware/Software Coordination

Harmonised System Code

Harmonized System Committee


Harsco Corporation

HAZMAT Spill Center

Headquarters and Supply Company

Headquarters Support Command

Health and Safety Code

Health and Safety Commission

Health and Safety Committee

Health Science Campus

Health Science Center

Health Sciences Center

Health screening center

Health Service Commissioner

Health Services Command

Health System Change

Health System Change's

Health Systems Committee

Healthy Schools Council

Heat shock cognate

Heat shock cognate protein

Heat shock consensus

Helicopter Sea Combat

Helioseismology Steering Committee

Help and Support Center

Hematopoetic stem cells

Hematopoietic stem cell

Hematopoietic stem cells

Hemopoietic stem cell

Hemopoietic stem cells

Hemotopoetic stem cell

Hepatic stellate cell

Hepatic stellate cells

Hepatosplenic candidiasis

Herschel Science Center

Herschel Science Centre

Hexadecimal Sequential Code

Hierarchal Ship Code

Hierarchical Storage Controller

Hierarchical Storage Controllers

High school completion

High School Crush

High School in the Community

High School of Commerce

High Speed Channel

High Speed Club

High Speed Connect

High Speed Connector

High Speed Converter

High Speed Craft

High Swirl Combustion

High-Speed Cinematography

High-Speed Collision

High-Speed Concentrator

High-Speed Craft

High-Speed Cutter

High-Speed Cutting

High-Spot Counting

Higher School Certificate

Higher State of Consciouness

Hindu Students Council

HIPed Silicon Carbide

Holmes Secondary College

Holy Spirit College

Home and School Council

Home Shopping Channel

Homeland Security Center

Homeland Security Council

Homeland Security Council's

Hopelessness Scale for Children

Horizon scanner

Horizontal semicircular canal

Hospital for Sick Children

Host Software Component

Host System Component


Hotel Shared Cost

Houston Science Center

Hoyland Steel Company

HTML Sucks Completely

Hughes Systique Corporation

Human skin collagenase

Human stratum corneum

Human synovial cell

Human synovial cells

Human Systems Center

Humane Society of Canada

Humboldt State College

Huntington Society of Canada

Huntsville Simulation Conference

Hybrid Stochastic Clustering

Hydraulic Service Center

Hydraulic System Control

Hydrogen Stress Cracking

Hypertrophic scarring


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