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HSB Definition
HSB Definition

What's The Definition Of HSB?

The definition of HSB is:

Head Start Bureau

Headquarters and Service Battery

Health Studies Branch

Healthcare Systems Bureau

Heavy Support Brigade

High Speed Boat

High Speed Buffer

High-speed buffer

High-structure, behaviorally-oriented

Homeland Security Bureau

Horizontal Sounding Balloon

Hot Standby

HQ and Service Battery


Hue Saturation Brightness

Hue, Saturation and Brightness

Hue, Saturation, Brightness


Human Studies Board

Humidity Sensor for Brazil

Humidity Sounder - Brazil

Humidity Sounder Brazil

Humidity Sounder for Brasil

Humidity Sounder for Brazil

Humidity Sounder from Brazil

Hunter-Schreger bands

Hydrologic Systems Branch in the Office of Hydrology

IATA code for Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport, Harrisburg, Illinois, United States

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