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COS Definition
COS Definition

What's The Definition Of COS?

The definition of COS is:


Cache Object Store

Cadet Officer School

Calculator On Substrate


Call Origination Status

Camera Operating System

Canadian Oncology Societies

Canadian Oncology Society

Canadian Ophthalmological Society

Carbonyl sulfide

Card Operating System

Cardiac outputs

Carrier Operating System

Carry-on Oxygen System

Cash on Shipment

Cassette Operating System

Castor oil seeds

Category of Service

Celestial Observation Satellite

Centered Optical System

Central Office of Statistics

Central Office Switch

Central offices

Certificate of Occupational Studies

Certificate of Office Studies

Certificate of Service

Certificate of Suitability

Change Of State

Change of station

Change Of Subject

Change of Subscribers

Check on site

Cheiro-oral syndrome

Chief of Staff

Chief Of Station

Chief of Supply

Chief of Support

Child over shoulder

Childhood Onset Schizophrenia

Childhood-onset schizophrenia

Children's Orchestra Society

Chip On Submount



Civilian occupational specialty

Class of Service

Client Operating System

Clinical Orthopaedic Society

Clinical overall score

Clinically observed seizures

Clip On Socket

Cloud Observing System

Co-orbiting Satellite

Coastal Ocean Science

Cobaltous Sulfide

Code Operated Switch



Cohesive end site

Cohesive end sites

Cohesive ends


College Of Sciences

Colorado Orthopaedic Society

Colorado Springs, CO

Colour one side

Combat Operations Staff

Combatting Oil Spills

Commanding Officers

Commercial Operating System

Committee of Secretaries

Committee on Standards

Common Object Service

Common Object Services

Common Output Subsystem

Common Services Division

Communication OS

Communications Operating System

Communications Segment

Communications-Oriented Software

Community of Science

Community Organizations

Compact Operating System


Company Orderly Sergeant

Compatible for Open Systems

Compatible Operating System

Component Oversight

Compressor Outlet Sensor

Computer & Office Services

Computer Operating Station

Computer operating system

Computer Operator Station

Concurrent Operating System

Conditions Of Satisfaction

Conditions of service

Cone outer segment

Cone outer segments

Connection Oriented Service

Connection Oriented Services

Connection-Mode Service

Conservative Opportunity Society

Console Operating System

Contactor Starting

Continuity of service

Continuum of Service

Contracting Officer's Statement

Contracting Officers

Control Operations Site

Controlled ovarian stimulation

Cooper Ornithological Society

Cooporation for Open Systems

CORBA Object Services

Core Operating System

Corona oxide semiconductor

Corporation for Open Services

Corporation for Open Systems

Corporation of Open Systems

Corps Officers

Corps Support




Cosine Function



Cosmic Origins Spectrograph

COsmic ray Satellite

Cost Accounting System

Cost of Sales

Cost of Service


Countermine Operational Simulation


Course Offering System

Cray Open Software

Cray Operating System

Critical Occupational Specialties

Critical occupational specialty

Critical Operational Specialties

Crypto Operating System

Crystal Observation System

Current Operations Section

Customer of Size

Customer Order Servicing

Customer Other Service

IATA code for Colorado Springs Airport, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

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