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CORE Definition
CORE Definition

What's The Definition Of CORE?

The definition of CORE is:

Canadian Offshore Resources Exposition

Center for Organ Recovery and Education

Center For Outcomes Research And Evaluation

Centers for Obesity Research and Education

Centers for Osteopathic Research and Education

Central Operation of Resources for Educators

Central Operations of Resources for Educators

Centre of Research Excellence

Chemistry Online Retrieval Experiment

City Outreach through Renewal Evangelism

Coastal Ocean Reponse Experiment

Coherent On Receive

Cold Ocean Resources Engineering

Collaborative Organization for RheothRx Evaluation

Collected Original Resources in Education

College Opportunity Resources For Education

Collocated Operational Research Establishments

Commission for Reintegration

Committee on Research Expenditure

Common Ocean-ice Reference Experiments

Common Operational Researc Equipment

Common Operational Research Equipment

Common Oracle Runtime Environment

Common runtime environment

Community Office for Resource Efficiency


Composite object reference

Comprehensive assessment and referral evaluation

Comprehensive Risk Evaluation

Computer-Operated Readiness Equipment

Computer-Oriented Reporting Efficiency

Concept reference

Conference On Reforming Education

Congress Of Racial Equality

Connection Oriented Route Establishment

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education

Contingency Response

Contingency response program

Continuing Outcomes Relevant to Evista

Continuous Observations of the Rotation of the Earth

Controlled Requirement Expression

Controlled Requirements Expression

Core Organization and Registration Environment

Core Report


Core-Mark Holding Company, Inc.

Coreopsis sp.

Corporate Operation Restructuring Effort

Council of Internet Registrars

Council Of REgistrars

Council on Rehabilitation Education

Reintegration Commission

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