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COPS Definition
COPS Definition

What's The Definition Of COPS?

The definition of COPS is:

C-130 Open-skies Pod System

Calculator-Oriented Processor System

Canadian Occupational Projection System


Central Order Processing System

Cholesterol oxidation products

Circuit Order Preparation System

Coaching Peers

Coat proteins

Command Operations

Commitment and Obligation Payment System

Committee of Polytechnic Secretaries

Committee on Physical Security

Committee on Professional Standards

Commodity Oriented Procurement System

Common Object Policy Service

Common Open Policy Service

Common Open Policy Service protocol

Common Open Policy Services

Common Open Protocol Services

Common Operational Performance Specification

Common Operations Software

Communications operational planning system

Community Oriented Policing Service

Community Oriented Policing Services

Complex Operations Per Second

Component Placement System

Comprehensive Outpatient Services

Computer Oracle and Password System

Computer Oriented Partial Sum

Computer Output Processing Service

Concentrator Open Primary Server

Concept Oriented Programming System

Connection Oriented Presentation Service

Constrained optimal parameter search

Contractor Operated Parts Store

Contractors operations and professional services

Cooperative Oklahoma P3 Studies

Crystal oriented pits

Current operations

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