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COP Definition
COP Definition

What's The Definition Of COP?

The definition of COP is:

Cable Organizer Panel

Call Offering Procedure

Call Or Put Warrant

Capillary osmotic pressure

Carousel of Progress

Causal Ordering Principle

Cellular Optimized Processor

Center of foot pressure

Center of pressure

Center of Projection

Centers of pressure

Central Operations Program

Central Order Processing

Centre of foot pressure

Centre of pressure

Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Performance

Certificate Of Posting

Certificate of Proficiency

Certification of process

Certified Operator

Certified Outsourcing Professional

Change of plaster

Change Over Point

Changeover point

Character Oriented Protocol

Character-Orientated Protocol

Character-Oriented Protocol

Chief Of Party

Cholesterol oxidation products

Chronic obstructive pancreatitis

Chronic obstructive parotitis

Circle of Position

Circle of Protection

Circular on plan

Circulator Outlet Pressure

Circumoval precipitation

Circumoval precipitin

Citizens on Patrol

City of Prineville Railway

Class of property

Close Observation Phase

Close of Play


Co-Orbiting Platform



Coastal and Offshore Permafrost

Coastal Ocean Program

Coat protein

Coat proteins

Coatomer protein

Cobalt Phosphide

Code Of Operation

Code Of Practice

Code of Pratice


Coefficients Of Performance

Coherent Optical Processing

Coil On Plug

Colloid oncotic pressure

Colloid osmotic pressure

Colloid osmotic pressures

Colloidal osmotic pressure

Colombian Peso

Columbian Peso

Combat operating procedures

Combined Operations Plan

Command observation post

Command operating program

Command Operation Procedure

Command Operation Procedures

Commercial output policy

Commitment and Obligation Plan

Committee of Principals

Committee on Ocean Policy

Committee on Publication

Common On-chip Processor

Common On-Line Package

Common Operating Picture

Common Operation Picture

Common Operational Concept

Common Operational Picture

Common Operational Plan

Communication Output Printer

Community Of Practice

Company Owned Plane

Company Owned Plant

Competitive oligonucleotide priming


Complex Operations Parameters

Component of Pay

Computer Operating Properly

Computer Operating Property


Concept of Operations

Concept of Operations Papers

Concept Outline Plan

Condition of Participation

Conditions of Participation

Conference of Parties

Conference of the Parties

Conference of the Parties to the FCCC

Configuration Overhaul Planning

Conformity of Production


Conservation of Parity

Consistent Operating Picture

Consolidated Operations Plan


Constable On Patrol


Constrained Optimization Problem

Contingency Operation Plan

Contingency Operations Plan

Contingency Operations Procedure

Continuation of Pay

Continuous Optimization Program

Control-Oriented Processor

Controller Oriented Processor

Convertible Optics Package


Copolyester Thermoplastic Elastomer


Copper resistance operon

Copper State Air Service


Copy number


Cornhusker Ordnance Plant

Coronary Oxygen Persufflation

Cost of Production

Council of Presidents

Court Ordered Production

CPU Overheat Protection

Crashout Package

Creatinol O-phosphate

Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia

Cryptogenic organizing pneumonitis

Crystal Originated Particle

Cultural Organizations Program

Current Ops

Custom Of Port

Customs Of Port

Cut-off point

Cyclic olefin polymers

Cyclophosphamide, Oncovin and prednisone

Cyclophosphamide, oncovin, prednisone

IATA code for Cooperstown Airport, Cooperstown, New York, United States

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