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AWG Definition
AWG Definition

What's The Definition Of AWG?

The definition of AWG is:

Accreditation Working Group

Aceh Working Group

Acoustic Working Group

Acquisition Working Group

Activation Working Group

Adapter Working Group

Adhesion Working Group

Administrative Wage Garnishment

Advanced Waveform Generator

Advisory Working Group

Air Weapons Guidance

Air Working Group

Airborne weapons group

Airdrop Working Group American Wire Gage

Algorithm Working Group

Alliance World Dollar Government Fund


Alterations Work Group

American Wire Gage

American Wire Gauge

American Wire Guage

Analysis Working Group

Application Working Group

Arapahoe Working Group

Arbitrary Wave Generator

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Arbitrary Waveform Gernerator

Architecture Working Group

Arrayed waveguide grating

Art Workers Guild

Aruba Guilder

Aruban guilder

Assessment Working Group

Associated Wholesale Grocers

Association for Women Geoscientists

Association of Women Geoscientists

Astronomy Working Group

Audible Warning Generator

Australian Writers Guild

Avionics Working Group

IATA code for Washington Municipal Airport, Washington, Iowa, United States

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