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AWD Definition
AWD Definition

What's The Definition Of AWD?

The definition of AWD is:

Abdominal wall defects

Abnormal wing disc

Abnormal wing discs

Absolute walking distance

Access Workflow Designer

Acoustic Wake Detector

Acoustic Warning Device

Acoustic Wave Device

Action World Development

Acute watery diarrhoea

Advance Warning Device

Advanced Warfighting Demonstration

Advanced Workstation Division

Agar well diffusion

Air Warfare Destroyer

Air Weapons Department

Alive with disease

All Wheel Drive

All-Wheel Drive


Alternate World Database

Amiga Web Directory

Apriori Wet Delay

Association of Welding Distributors

At Work Document

Atomic weapon data

Atomic Weapons Decommissioning

Automatische Waehleinrichtung fuer Datenuebertragung

Automatische Waehleinrichtung fuer Datenverbindungen

Available Without Declaration

Avis Worldwide Discount

Awaiting Departure


IATA code for Aniwa Airport, Aniwa, Vanuatu

Providence Aviation Services

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