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What Are Related Words To Ugly?

Synonyms for Ugly include:

alarming, appalling, atrabilious, atrocious, awful, awkward, bad, bad-tempered, baleful, bilious, black, bloodcurdling, bristly, cantankerous, chilling, choleric, churlish, clumsy, clunky, corruptive, crabbed, crabby, cranky, creepy, creepy-crawly, cross, crotchety, crusty, curmudgeonly, currish, dark, demonic, despicable, devilish, diabolic, diabolical, dire, direful, disagreeable, disconcerting, disfigured, dismaying, displeasing, dour, dread, dreaded, dreadful, dyspeptic, evil, evil-looking, evil-minded, exasperating, fearful, fearsome, fiendish, flagitious, forbidding, formidable, fractious, frightening, frightful, fugly, fussy, gawky, ghastly, glowering, glum, graceless, grievous, grim, grisly, grotesque, grouchy, gruesome, gruff, grumpy, hair-raising, hairy, heinous, hellish, hideous, homely, horrendous, horrible, horrific, horrifying, hot-tempered, hotheaded, huffish, ill-favored, ill-favoured, ill-humored, ill-humoured, ill-natured, ill-tempered, immoral, infernal, infuriating, irascible, irritable, labored, laboured, liverish, macabre, maddening, maladroit, menacing, mephistophelean, mephistophelian, minacious, minatory, misanthropic, misanthropical, misogynous, monstrous, moody, morose, nagging, nettlesome, nightmarish, off-putting, offensive, ominous, ornery, peckish, peevish, perversive, pestiferous, petrifying, pettish, petulant, plain, prickly, quick-tempered, redoubtable, repulsive, satanic, saturnine, scarey, scary, scratchy, scrofulous, shirty, shivery, short-tempered, shrewish, shuddery, sick, sinister, slimy, snappish, snappy, snorty, sour, splenetic, spoiled, spoilt, strained, stupefying, subfusc, sulky, sullen, surly, techy, terrible, terrific, terrifying, testy, tetchy, threatening, ugly, unattractive, ungainly, ungraceful, unholy, uninviting, unlovely, unnatural, unnerving, unpicturesque, unpleasant, unprepossessing, unpresentable, unrighteous, unseductive, unsightly, unwieldy, unworthy, upsetting, vexing, vile, vinegarish, vinegary, waspish, wicked, wooden, worthless, wretched, wrong

ugly is a ADJ.

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