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Synonyms for Integrated include:

agreed, allied, alloyed, amalgamate, amalgamated, associated, blended, blending, clannish, co-ed, co-ordinated, coalesced, coalescent, coalescing, coeducational, cohesive, collective, combinative, combinatorial, combinatory, combined, common, compositional, concerted, confederate, confederative, conjoined, conjoint, conjugate, conjugated, conjunct, conjunctive, consolidated, consolidative, cooperative, coordinated, corporate, cosignatory, coupled, desegrated, embedded, emulsified, endogenetic, endogenic, federate, federated, fused, homogenised, homogenized, in agreement, in league, incorporate, incorporated, integrated, integrative, interconnected, intermingled, interracial, introjected, joint, mainstreamed, merged, merging, mingling, mixed, nonsegmental, nonsegregated, nonsynthetic, one, organic, shared, sharing, structured, suprasegmental, tied, tight-knit, tightly knit, undivided, unified, unifying, unitary, united, unpartitioned, unsegmented, unsegregated

integrated is a ADJ.

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