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Synonyms for Communicative include:

abstraction, anecdotal, anecdotic, anecdotical, articulate, articulated, babbling, Bantu-speaking, blabbermouthed, blathering, blithering, chatty, communicable, communicational, communicative, communicatory, eloquent, English-speaking, expansive, expressive, facile, Finno-Ugric-speaking, Flemish-speaking, fluent, French-speaking, gabby, Gaelic-speaking, garrulous, German-speaking, gesticulating, gestural, gossipy, heraldic, Icelandic-speaking, Italian-speaking, jabbering, Japanese-speaking, Kannada-speaking, leaky, Livonian-speaking, loquacious, narrative, newsy, nonverbal, openhearted, Oscan-speaking, outspoken, prolix, pronounced, Russian-speaking, Samoyedic-speaking, Semitic-speaking, sign, sign-language, signed, silver, silver-tongued, Siouan-speaking, smooth-spoken, Spanish-speaking, speech-endowed, spoken, talebearing, talkative, talky, tattling, Turkic-speaking, verbal, vocal, voluble, well-spoken, yarn-spinning

communicative is a ADJ.

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