The Star Wars Kid – Classic Viral Videos

The Star Wars Kid Original Video

Name: Ghyslain Raza aka The Star Wars kid
Views: 31 Million
Date first Posted: 2003

With over 31 million views, The Star Wars kid video is definitely up among the most popular viral videos out there. in 2002, Ghyslain Raza, a Canada native, filmed the infamous video Recreating a battle from Star wars I: The Phantom Menace. Ghyslain Raza Never meant this video to go public and he recieved quite a bit of ridicule. This video has been shown on various popular tv shows as well as many popular youtube series.

The Star Wars Kid

The Star Wars Kid

Ghyslain Raza now uses the experience to talk about bullying.  The viral video also spawned off some very funny and creative remixes for The Star Wars Kid. Check out the remixes below.

The Star Wars Kid Remix Videos

Star Wars Kid- The Matrix Agent Smith Fight

Views:2.5 million
This remix is modeled on the Agent Smith Fight from the Blockbuster Movie The Matrix. Really nice creativity on this remix, each one you watch just gets more hilarious. as with most Viral Video remixes, there is very little information available for this viral video.

Super Star Wars Kid Remix

Name: Super Star Wars Kid remix
Views:1.5 million views

Not much is known about this Super Star Wars Kid Remix Video, But it is fairly Popular with a cool one and a half million views.

Kids React to Star Wars Kid

Name: Kids React to Youtube Series
Views: 3.22 million views

From the very popular youtube series “Kids React”, The Star wars kid is seen in a whole new light; from the view of younger kids! This installment of the series is very funny and so far enjoys three million views.

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