The Star Wars Kid – Classic Viral Videos

The Star Wars Kid Original Video

Name: Ghyslain Raza aka The Star Wars kid
Views: 31 Million
Date first Posted: 2003

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Cissie – Blackened (Metallica Guitar Cover)

With over 3 ¬†million views, YouTube Guitarist Cissie is pretty popular and looking through her channel she has a plethora of guitar videos. Metallica is a popular Band for YouTube guitarists to cover, so this makes this video rise to the top of the heap. We don’t see too many women playing guitar, so when they are especially good, people take notice.Looking good doesn’t hurt either.

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Stairway to Heaven Tower Climbing – Classic Videos

Scared of heights? Then this job might not be your cup of tea. Believe it or not, this video has nothing to do with the Led Zeppelin Anthem “Stairway to Heaven”… The Stairway to Heaven Climbing video first appeared on YouTube in 2010 and the current video posted has 1.5 Million Views, which isn’t too shabby.

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