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Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games is one of my personal favorites when it comes to viral videos. Originally posted by youtube user McJuggerNuggets in the summer of 2014, it has become one of the best freak out videos in a long time. This video has mustered a staggering 29 million views and counting.

The video begins with a handheld camera going down the hall of a house heading towards a young males high pitched voice yelling, “No halo?” and things of that nature. The video gets you laughing straight off. As the video camera enters the bedroom, we find the young man obviously distraught as he cant find his missing Xbox games. He has gone through all his xbox game covers and has found that the games themselves are missing. The kid acts like he is in shock and doesn’t no what to think or do.

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Greatest freak out ever – classic viral videos

Views: 86,548,380

Username: wafflepwn

Year: 2009

This is the classic viral video referred to as The Greatest Freak Out Ever. The home video shows two brothers, the eldest brother is holding the camera on his little brother, who he catches reacting to their mom canceling his World of Warcraft account. This kid must have been deeply immersed into the game because we can safely say his response was pretty epic. The greatest freak out ever video lit fire and has racked up the not so shabby eighty six million and a half views.

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