Serial Killers

The Story Of Russell Johnson The Serial Killer

Russell Johnson has been dubbed one is the most notorious killers to have been convicted in Canada. He almost got away with four murder cases of women who were found dead in their homes. In all the cases police never suspected any foul play. Johnson, who was dubbed the bedroom strangler would tail his victims for long periods and would also watch them sleep. Then he would get into their bedrooms and strangle them while they slept. All his victims were women from London and Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He was convicted of the crimes but not sentenced due to insanity.

Russell Johnson serial killer was born in 1947 and his killing spree is thought to have occurred between 1973 and 1977. He was committed to a maximum security hospital in Penetanguishene, Ontario after being declared criminally insane. He admitted to have killed three women and then later confessed to killing four more women in cases that no foul play was suspected. He also admitted to have strangled eleven more women to the point of unconsciousness. There is speculation that his victims may have been even more especially since his mode of killing never aroused any suspicion.

Johnson stalked single women in the Guelph, London and St. Thomas area of Ontario. He would follow them home, sometimes scaling 15 storeys just to reach their apartments. Then he would rape his victims and strangle them in bed. The psychiatrists declared Russell Johnson serial killer to be a sadist, and a murderer who got motivated by lust. He worked in an automobile factory during the day and as a bouncer during the night, which probably gave him the time to meet and stalk his victims. The worst thing is that he not only murdered his victims but also defiled their bodies in all sorts of ways.

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Belle Gunness

Our world has grown into far much of a world filled with brutality rather than a home meant for happy living of human beings. The society meant to be caring has turned to be a host of killers and a home of ill minded irresponsible characters. Among these evil characters are serial killers who are reported in most societies and build an uprising of fear in the community at large. This killers are involved in deaths of several people who disappear mysteriously but are later confirmed dead from the hands of these malicious individuals. We may wonder what these people gain from these uncouth deeds of murdering innocent people but the truth of the matter is that they have their own intended motives. Although most of serial killers are reported to have psychological disorders, the killers have intentions of achieving financial gains, performing demonic rituals, seeking public recognition and attention or even some for revenge of anger they may have suffered from. In most cases, serial killers perform their brutal acts in different locations and at different unpredictable times. Some do not use physical struggle with the victims but dope them to take them to a place intended for murdering the victims. Therefore, it may turn to be difficult to stop serial killings at an instant.

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Black Serial Killers

With serial killers in general, black serial killers are not as common as other races are. As with female serial killers, there are just a handful of black serial killers. But there are,of course,  black serial killers. We will take a look at our top 3 , ordering by body count.

These killers come from all parts of the world and from different cultures. South Africa seems to hold the most of the black serial killers. So let’s take a look at some of these ruthless murderers.

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Jesse Pomeroy – Youngest Serial Killer

Jesse Pomeroy

We have heard of serial killers, watched them in movies and read them in story books. We all know that serial killers exist and we have probably even seen a number of them arrested during our lifetime, but the story of Jesse Pomeroy the youngest serial killer, is different.

The lifeless body of Horace Millen, a young boy was found on April 23, 1874. His body was found by mistake, yet it was the beginning of one of the most interesting true events in the world. His nearly naked heavily stabbed body was the work of Jesse Pomeroy a young boy, only in his early teens.

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Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend – Tyria Moore

She is known for being one of America’s most notorious female serial killers. Apart from working as a commercial sex worker for a living and murdering men who were rude to her at work, Aileen Wuornos also had a love life like any other human being. She was a lesbian and Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend was named Tyria Moore.

aileen wuornos girlfriend

The two lovers had met in 1986 at a lesbian bar which was popularly known as Daytona Bar located at the Daytona Beach. They lived together until Aileen Wuornos’ arrest in 1991, when she was apprehended at the Last Resort in Port Orange, Florida.

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Female Serial Killers

female serial killers

Female serial killers are a rare breed. It is quite rare for a woman to kill at all, yet alone to kill multiple victims. Maybe it is this rarity that lay to blame for the interest in these women killers. I agree that serial killers in general are interesting. But the most interesting of the serial killers are the killers that are female. And these lady killers are some of the worst serial killers to ever walk the earth.

Why do these ladies kill? What drives them to the point where they can take a life? What creates these female serial killers? These are questions we may never answer but we still ask them. Because men dominate the serial killer name, women in general must have a stronger resolve or maybe more impulse control. Maybe that is part of the reason of the rarity of a woman killing a human being multiple times.

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