Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen Serial Killer

Robert Hansen Serial Killer

One of the serial killers that has made the news is Robert Hansen. Robert Hansen serial killer was a uniquely depraved killer. He flew his victims into the Alaskan wilderness and hunted them down like wild game. Robert Hansen Serial Killer usual victims were prostitutes and exotic dancers. Hansen “hunted” in the locations in and around Anchorage, Alaska.

Robert Hansen Serial Killer did most of his hunting in the 1970’s which coincided with the boom of Anchorage, due to the construction of the Alaska Pipeline. He confessed to the killings of 17 women from the area. In addition to his serial killing, Robert Hansen raped 30 others. Robert Hansen Serial Killer plead guilty to the killings of 4 of the women in a plea deal that kept him from going to trial 17 times.

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