don’t tase me bro

Dont Tase Me Bro – Classic Viral Videos

Username: hunnybun523
Video title: UF Police Taser Student During Kerry Forum
Views: 1.2 million
Year: 2007

The don’t tase me bro video burst upon the scene in 2007, racking up millions of views. The classic viral video takes place at a John Kerry Forum.Sitting in on John Kerry’s speech was Andrew Meyer. I don’t want to give anything away, but poor Andrew gets tasered by security after yelling out and heckling John Kerry. This was picked up by national TV media, and the rest is history. The don’t tase me bro meme has gotten more popular as each day passes. I don’t think Andrew Meyer will live this one down anytime soon. This video also spurned other viral videos, including all the media attention. So make sure to check out all the other videos related to this hilarious and alarming video.

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