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Airplane House – Joanne Ussarys Boeing 727

airplane house 727home2 plane house 727home4 converted plane 727home6 Joanne Ussary Boeing 727

Owner: Joanne Ussary
Plane Type: Boeing 727-224
Commercial Flight Company: Continental Airlines
First Flight: May 1968
Last flight: Sept 1993
Date Converted: 1994
Layout: 3 Bedrooms, Full Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room, 2 Bathrooms
Location: Benoit, Lake Whittington, Mississippi
Name given to the house: Little Trump
Featured on: The David Letterman Show, The Today Show, Various Published Magazines and Newspapers
Total Cost: 30,000 USD

Meet Joanne Ussary, the owner of the infamous airplane house. Joanne’s story started with a tragedy. 1994 held a seemingly unwelcome surprise for Joanne. Her home in Benoit, Miss. was destroyed by a winter storm. Large trees fell onto her home, which was made by wood framing. It was a complete loss. So this was the spark that put Joanne Ussary into her unusual dream home, the airplane house.

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