Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games is one of my personal favorites when it comes to viral videos. Originally posted by youtube user McJuggerNuggets in the summer of 2014, it has become one of the best freak out videos in a long time. This video has mustered a staggering 29 million views and counting.

The video begins with a handheld camera going down the hall of a house heading towards a young males high pitched voice yelling, “No halo?” and things of that nature. The video gets you laughing straight off. As the video camera enters the bedroom, we find the young man obviously distraught as he cant find his missing Xbox games. He has gone through all his xbox game covers and has found that the games themselves are missing. The kid acts like he is in shock and doesn’t no what to think or do.

Shortly after realizing his games are indeed missing, he sprints out of his house toward the back yard flying out the door in a rage. this is just getting started, the freak out will continue in this Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games classic viral video.

The camera then enters the young gamer’s room where on the floor there is evidence strewn about, a large number of empty game covers. As the Camera Man pans around the room, he sees on a white board a message that has been written by their dad. It reads “Get a Job, Get a Life, No More Games -Dad” The camera man starts to laugh as the situation finally made sense to him. He then realizes there is probably more drama going on outside and quickly heads to the door to go outside and film the further hilarious freak out.

He finds his brother in a bright orange shirt standing in front of their Dad, who is sitting on a running lawn mower. The gamer is yelling at their “Psycho” Dad about his poor missing video games. This sort of thing must have happened often with the camera man has a “Here we go again” attitude. As he gets closer to the situation, we can see that in between the gamer and his psycho dad on the lawn mower, there is a pile of Xbox games in the grass.

The argument continues as the Dad tells his son to get a job, and the son yelling that he is a psycho dad, and asks if he is going to run his games over. The gamer then informs his dad that playing video games will be his job, as we are all sure that will happen… He then makes a dash for the pile of games yelling “You’re not destroying my games!” As the dad revs his Lawn mower the son moves back pleading that these games cost hundreds of dollars and so on.

The brother holding the camera starts laughing as his brother lets out a horrified scream and freaks out even further.

With that beings said the psycho dad Shreds video games everywhere. He has run over the games with his lawn mower and destroyed them in under five seconds. He starts to scream in a fashion as if someone were killed, he tears at his shirt and then begins a more pitiful cry. He moves toward his fallen precious games and then turns on his brother who is holding the camera. He throws a stick found in the yard at his brother and quite suddenly shifts his attention back to the shredding games.

He is shown pacing back and forth muttering such eloquent sentences such as “I Hate my Family!” The gamer lifts his face to the sky and lets out a long and loud scream cursing the stars above for taking his games from hims so prematurely. He then starts to pick up the pieces of his video games off the lawn. He quicly figures out the act is pointless and walks away as the video ends.

The Struggle is real…

We have to thank McJuggerNuggets for this piece of cinematic wonder, and it will join the ranks of one of the top viral videos.

McJuggerNuggets has amassed quite a few “Psycho” or freak out videos and has still to this day have stayed quite popular. Check out more of the videos from the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel below

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McJuggerNuggets himself goes on screen to explain the Psycho videos he posts, especially the Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games edition is in fact real. All his videos are more than likely real situations caught on camera. All the more interesting I think.

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