Linda Listen to me – Classic Viral video

Possibly the cutest kid video in viral video history. The Listen to me Linda video gained popularity in the spring of 2014 and has grabbed a whopping 42 Million views. The videos title is actually; 3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: “Linda, honey, just listen.” A long title, so the video is also known as Linda Listen to me, Linda Linda Linda and Linda honey.

The video is 2 minutes and 32 seconds long, and stars a little boy named Mateo who is 3 years young. The stage is set in the kitchen, where Mateo has discovered that there were cupcakes. He right off starts his argument as soon as the video begins. He starts his case by saying “Linda Listen to me, listen to me.” Good start for the little sugar addicted kid. He goes on to say “I do this all the time!” Linda starts her side of the argument saying “I have to yell at you guys all the time.” Mateo isn’t having any of this and cuts her off looking frustrated. He says “Linda, Linda, Linda Listen, Listen, Listen!”

So far we are only 20 seconds into the when the boy says something about his house and his grandmas house that is mostly hard to understand. Lind says “Okay…” and Mateo parries with “OK, what?” They are now firmly locked in a important debate, at least for the boy. Linda says”You’re not listening to me!” Mateo counters with “You’re not listening to me!” The pair goes toe to toe with each trying to get the other to listen.

At the one minute mark, we find out that Mateo asked his grandma for cupcakes prior to asking kinda. A Classic ploy, but pretty sophisticated for a 3 year old. The argument continues about he and his brother always getting into trouble with some non understandable sentences from Linda’s counterpart. It starts to get funnier at 1 minute and 44 seconds as Mateo says “Linda, Honey. Listen!” He then makes more of his argument. At 2 minutes 12 seconds Linda decides the conversation is over by saying “I’m not going to argue with you.” Mateo mirrors Linda’s words back at her.

We find out at 2 minutes and 22 seconds that Linda is in fact Mateos mom. Linda says “You have to listen to me cause I am the Mom.” The video ends as the boy finally says “I’m not Arguing.”

We know one thing, this is a very persuasive kid. He really wanted cupcakes and he decided he was going to make his case. It sounds like that day he lost the argument, but Linda needs to look out for more as the young child gets even more sophisticated. Quite brilliant for a boy of his age. I sea Mateo as a future lawyer or politician, but we will have to wait and see.

There are a handful of other videos of mateo and his cupcake eating ways that are quite good, so check out more Mateo and Linda Linda Linda below!

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Hope you have enjoyed this video of Linda Listen to me. I have one last thought and that thought is Linda, Linda, Linda!!!

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