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Year: 2009

This is the classic viral video referred to as The Greatest Freak Out Ever. The home video shows two brothers, the eldest brother is holding the camera on his little brother, who he catches reacting to their mom canceling his World of Warcraft account. This kid must have been deeply immersed into the game because we can safely say his response was pretty epic. The greatest freak out ever video lit fire and has racked up the not so shabby eighty six million and a half views.

The greatest freak out ever happened in 2009, and although incredibly funny, it shows first world “problems”. It shows a wildly misguided view of today’s issues. There a many starving children around the world and we have these incredibly insignificant problems that we obsess over and inflate for no reason. That is the message I personally have taken from the video. Although only kids, cancelling a World of Warcraft account isn’t worth that sort of freak out. The struggle is real…

It is also fair to note that Gaming Addiction has really increased since the advent of powerful systems. Japan has been the hardest struck with this addiction, and we are finding more and more cases around the world. Gaming has become a powerful drug to some that just can not resist. I guess us humans can over do anything. You can read more about gaming addiction by clicking Here

The two brothers tried to cash in on their video and created other videos, some showing the brother freaking out. In one of these videos the brother was freaking out in a tree. Most believe the first video was real, but the following videos were fake freak outs.

The brothers quickly faded into the ranks of the internet classic viral videos. In a world where everybody wants their time in the limelight and remembrance, these two have achieved that, even though the reason they are known isn’t the greatest. But as they say there isn’t any publicity that is bad publicity. The unlikely kids racked 86 million views, too bad it was a one hit wonder.

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Greatest Freakout Ever Compilation 1-29

Want to watch and hour and forty five minutes of the greatest freak out ever guy? Well here is your chance of a lifetime. An entire movie, although some parts are better than others. Such can be understood by the amateur skills of these interesting brothers.

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The channel you have to go to after watching a viral video is “youtube reacts to” or “Kids react to”. Very cool channel, and they have hundreds of videos.

Kid Freaks Out and Cries Over Call of Duty! GREATEST FREAK OUT EVER!!!!


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