Drunkest Guy Ever Goes For More Beer

Drunkest Guy Ever Original Video

Name: Drunkest Guy Ever Goes For More Beer
Date: 2009
Views: 5 Million

The Drunkest guy ever goes for more beer video is 10 minutes of pure hilarity at the expense of a Super Drunk Middle Aged bearded man. The video is from convenience store security cam footage, and thank God the cameras were rolling, or else we have missed the drunkest guy ever! The video popped up on YouTube first, before getting a post on Break.com with the title “Worst Shopping Run Ever”. No other information has been uncovered other than the date of the recording of the video. This Viral video spun off many awesome and hilarious remix videos that are as good or even better than the original.

Video Remixes

Drunkest Guy Ever Goes Back For More Beer – Tragedy Remix

Name: Tragedy Remix
Date: 2009
Views: 6 million

The Tragedy Remix is actually more popular than the original video with about 1 million more views for a grand total of 5 million views. The tragedy remix has the wonderful song score of ‘Lux Aeterna’ by Clint Mansell, which is the soundtrack to the excellent movie Requiem For a Dream Starring Jared Leto.

Drunkest Guy Ever Blaster Battle

Name: Blaster battle (Star Wars Style)
Date: 2009
Views: 350,000

This is a decent Remix of the video, it is named Blaster Battle. Just as it sounds the video was edited to look like a blaster battle like Star Wars. This video comes in with a decent Three hundred fifty thousand views. It’s a pretty hilarious star wars blaster battle for sure.

Requiem for a Dream
Requiem For a Dream Music



Watch the Requiem for a dream movie now!

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