Death Metal Rooster -Classic Viral Video

The death metal rooster video was uploaded in 2010. It has collected 11 million views and counting, which isn’t too shabby at all. The Metal rooster is a different animal video than the usual animal videos that get popular. There aren’t too many funny rooster videos out there. Add some Death Metal music and throw in a rooster and you have the recipe for a classic viral video.

The Metal Rooster video is 32 seconds long, but packs a great viral punch. For the first few seconds you see just a regular plain rooster walking back and forth. at 8 seconds the rooster start to “scream”. This Screaming Rooster sounds amazingly close to a death metal singer. So the video up-loader added a great death metal soundtrack to the rooster video. You wont always see a rooster front man for a metal band. So it is a must watch.

The scream that this death metal rooster produced last over 20 seconds long, which is pretty amazing in itself. It is for sure one of the best videos under at 30 seconds long. Make sure to check out related videos to the infamous death metal rooster. The video spurned some great spin off videos including Death Metal Cat and more.

Other Related videos to the death metal rooster:

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There you go, the best Metal funny videos the vast interwebs has to offer. Hope you enjoyed this post about the metal rooster.

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