Charlie Bit My Finger -Charlie Bit Me – Classic viral Video

The Charlie Bit My Finger Viral video first caught fire in the summer of 2008.The videos title is Charlie Bit Me, but is better known as Charlie Bit my Finger. The video is shot with an older VHS style look. The viral video starts with Harry, the oldest sibling, sitting with his baby brother Charlie in his lap. The scene is set in the back of their car. The father of these two young brothers is manning the video camera. The stage is now set for hilariousness.

The older brother is show with his finger in his brothers mouth and laughs saying “Charlie…Charlie bit me” with a fun tone to his voice. A few seconds elapse showing the two calmly sitting. Harry, then has a brilliant idea, put his other finger in charlies mouth. Seconds before this action happens you can see charlies mouth open, showing some decent teeth.

Charlie did what pretty much anybody else would do in this situation, which is to bite down. And bite down he did. You can see harry’s face in a puzzled look probably thinking “This kind of hurts.” Finally, Charlie bites down as hard as he could on his brothers finger.

Harry lets out a Trio of crescendo “Ouches”. He now realizes this was not a good idea at all. Unfortunately he did not think this before he got his finger bit. But fortunately for us, he didn’t. He finally liberates his injured finger and starts to whimper.

He then takes on a scolding tone, informing his brother “Charlie! That really hurt.” After the video elapse for a few seconds charlie starts to have a huge grin on his face, letting out a very funny and cute laugh. The timing was brilliant. A few more seconds elapse as the eldest brother proclaims in his southern draw, “Charlie Bit Me.” He then scolds charlie again saying “that really hurt charlie!” The video ends a few seconds later and puts the wrap on a internet classic.

The video in the end is both cute and funny, which makes a recipe for a classic viral video. Even though the video is just shy of 60 seconds, it will go down in viral video history.

Charlie bit my finger has given way to some really brilliant and more viewed spin off videos. You can check out the spin offs below along with related videos to charlie bit my finger below.

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