Baby Panda Sneeze

What we have learned straight off with the baby panda sneeze video is that cats aren’t the only funny creatures. The classic video is only 16 seconds long but has been watched 220 Million times. It is more than likely the shortest video with the most views. Why is the Baby Panda Sneeze video so popular? It has the great combination of cute animals and a laugh at the same time which makes an excellent recipe for viral video success. The video was released in 2006 and is still collecting massive amounts views.

The video starts off with a mother panda and its very young baby panda. The mother has the young panda at her feet, while she chews on some food. The cute baby panda is asleep. At 10 seconds in, the baby panda sneeze happens, and it is unusual and loud sneeze. The mother panda is caught off guard and jumps back a bit being surprised. Even the look on the mom pandas face is priceless. After looking at the baby panda, the mother starts again eating. The video ends there at 16 seconds.

Animal videos laced with comedic value will always make great viral videos that people want to watch. Just think of the cat video craze that has taken the viral video count by storm. With the sheer number of views and great content in a bite size chunk of just a few seconds, The Baby Panda Sneeze video will go down into the viral video hall of fame for sure.

Although this video is the most popular panda videos on the internet today, there are other great panda videos, you can see them below.

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Thats all the best panda videos out there on the interwebs. Hope you enjoyed the baby panda sneeze, check out our other posts with all the top classic viral videos.

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