Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder – classic viral videos

Username: Crazy Laugh Action
Video title:Antoine Dodson Funny Videos News Blooper (Original)
Views: 62 million
Year: 2011

Antoine Dodson, the bedroom intruder guy, needs no introduction, but I will remind you anyways. On a day in Alabama in 2011, Antoine Dodson gave an interview to a news reporter about a crime concerning his brother that happened in his neighborhood. The passionate and over the top interview of Dodson was anything but ordinary. The original news footage has racked up a staggering 62 million views, not even counting The Gregory Brothers Song, Bedroom Intruder.

This guy even has his own Wikipedia! Only the internet can make Antoine famous, and it sure did, very famous. After the group The Gregory Brothers turned his fateful interview into a catchy song called the Bed Intruder Song and it skyrocketed to 89 on the Billboard Top 100 charts.

As with most viral video sensations, the original video spurned quite a few related videos. Antoine Dodsons related videos is way more than usual for a viral video. you could spend a few hours watching them all. Some of the notable spin off videos includes a cover of bedroom intruder by the lead singer of paramour, a cameo on southpark,

You would think the hype would end there and he would slip into the anonymous once again. But the saga continued.In 2011, in april antoine dodson was arrested for marijauna possesion. shortly there after, In 2013? dodson became a hebrew isreallite and proclaimed that he has turned itno a hetrosexual. He married and had one child. He had made comments about worrying about his son being gay, which drew him a fair bit of criticism. The saga of antoine dodson has cooled since 2014, but there was a few more minutes in the sun. In 2015, The Bed Intruder song went Platinum, dragging on the continuing saga. You can watch and follow the whole saga by watching the videos below.

The whole Saga in Video:

BED INTRUDER SONG!!! (now on iTunes)

Date: July 2010
Views: 130 million

The Gregory Brothers Song pulled 130 million views and helped spark the fire to the rise of Antoine Dodson. He owes it to the you tube channel for continuing the hype surrounding the man.

Overnight internet sensation Antoine Dodson reacts to new-found fame

Date July 2010
Views: 6.5 Million

Crime News Star Gets Viral Video Fame Associated Press

Date: August 2010
Views: 1.5 Million

Antoine Dodson Interview – With George Lopez Tonight

Date January 2011
Views: 292k

Antoine Dodson Arrested

Date: April 2011
Views: 340k

Bed intruder on south park

Date: 2012
Views: 430k

Antoine Dodson Is Now A Hebrew Israelite And No Longer Gay

Date: May 2013
Views: 365k

Antoine Dodson on Being Straight Despite Choosing to Be Gay Early On

Date May 2015
Views: 135k

Antoine Dodson Talks “Bed Intruder Song” Going Platinum

Date May 2015
Views: 65k

Antoine Dodson – After They Were Famous

Date September 2015
Views: 203k

That is the Antoine Dodson story so far, we will see if he pops up in the coming years.

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