Airplane House – Joanne Ussarys Boeing 727

airplane house 727home2 plane house 727home4 converted plane 727home6 Joanne Ussary Boeing 727

Owner: Joanne Ussary
Plane Type: Boeing 727-224
Commercial Flight Company: Continental Airlines
First Flight: May 1968
Last flight: Sept 1993
Date Converted: 1994
Layout: 3 Bedrooms, Full Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room, 2 Bathrooms
Location: Benoit, Lake Whittington, Mississippi
Name given to the house: Little Trump
Featured on: The David Letterman Show, The Today Show, Various Published Magazines and Newspapers
Total Cost: 30,000 USD

Meet Joanne Ussary, the owner of the infamous airplane house. Joanne’s story started with a tragedy. 1994 held a seemingly unwelcome surprise for Joanne. Her home in Benoit, Miss. was destroyed by a winter storm. Large trees fell onto her home, which was made by wood framing. It was a complete loss. So this was the spark that put Joanne Ussary into her unusual dream home, the airplane house.

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Boom Goes the Dynamite – classic Viral videos

The And Boom goes the Dynamite video is an early viral video that was posted in 2005 by the then popular site ebaumsworld. It has 9.5 Million views, and is one of my personal favorites. I think this video is very underrated. The info for the video simply states; The Worst Sports guy in history. The boom goes the dynamite video is 3 minutes and 54 seconds long, just shy of 4 minutes.

The video begins with a interesting looking skinny white guy in the setting of a news desk. The goofy looking guy is Brian Collins who some say is the worst sports man ever on TV. Every Sportscaster has to be a personality in our digital age. And being a sports personality, you have to have a catch phrase. The video starts to a slightly caught off guard Brian, who then starts his sports news dialogue.

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Linda Listen to me – Classic Viral video

Possibly the cutest kid video in viral video history. The Listen to me Linda video gained popularity in the spring of 2014 and has grabbed a whopping 42 Million views. The videos title is actually; 3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: “Linda, honey, just listen.” A long title, so the video is also known as Linda Listen to me, Linda Linda Linda and Linda honey.

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Death Metal Rooster -Classic Viral Video

The death metal rooster video was uploaded in 2010. It has collected 11 million views and counting, which isn’t too shabby at all. The Metal rooster is a different animal video than the usual animal videos that get popular. There aren’t too many funny rooster videos out there. Add some Death Metal music and throw in a rooster and you have the recipe for a classic viral video.

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Baby Panda Sneeze

What we have learned straight off with the baby panda sneeze video is that cats aren’t the only funny creatures. The classic video is only 16 seconds long but has been watched 220 Million times. It is more than likely the shortest video with the most views. Why is the Baby Panda Sneeze video so popular? It has the great combination of cute animals and a laugh at the same time which makes an excellent recipe for viral video success. The video was released in 2006 and is still collecting massive amounts views.

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Charlie Bit My Finger -Charlie Bit Me – Classic viral Video

The Charlie Bit My Finger Viral video first caught fire in the summer of 2008.The videos title is Charlie Bit Me, but is better known as Charlie Bit my Finger. The video is shot with an older VHS style look. The viral video starts with Harry, the oldest sibling, sitting with his baby brother Charlie in his lap. The scene is set in the back of their car. The father of these two young brothers is manning the video camera. The stage is now set for hilariousness.

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Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games is one of my personal favorites when it comes to viral videos. Originally posted by youtube user McJuggerNuggets in the summer of 2014, it has become one of the best freak out videos in a long time. This video has mustered a staggering 29 million views and counting.

The video begins with a handheld camera going down the hall of a house heading towards a young males high pitched voice yelling, “No halo?” and things of that nature. The video gets you laughing straight off. As the video camera enters the bedroom, we find the young man obviously distraught as he cant find his missing Xbox games. He has gone through all his xbox game covers and has found that the games themselves are missing. The kid acts like he is in shock and doesn’t no what to think or do.

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Greatest freak out ever – classic viral videos

Views: 86,548,380

Username: wafflepwn

Year: 2009

This is the classic viral video referred to as The Greatest Freak Out Ever. The home video shows two brothers, the eldest brother is holding the camera on his little brother, who he catches reacting to their mom canceling his World of Warcraft account. This kid must have been deeply immersed into the game because we can safely say his response was pretty epic. The greatest freak out ever video lit fire and has racked up the not so shabby eighty six million and a half views.

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Winnebago Man Jack Rebney

5 Million

Winnebago Man, the grumpiest educational video presenter ever. A Winnebago training videos bloopers were first leaked onto a VHS tape, and the VHS tape was copied over and over thus creating a pre-internet viral video. Posted on the internet in 2006 it skyrocketed even more and thrust Jack Rebney, aka the Winnebago man to millions of views. It spurned off a documentary film in march of 2009(Click HERE to watch) rightly titled Winnebago Man.

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Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder – classic viral videos

Username: Crazy Laugh Action
Video title:Antoine Dodson Funny Videos News Blooper (Original)
Views: 62 million
Year: 2011

Antoine Dodson, the bedroom intruder guy, needs no introduction, but I will remind you anyways. On a day in Alabama in 2011, Antoine Dodson gave an interview to a news reporter about a crime concerning his brother that happened in his neighborhood. The passionate and over the top interview of Dodson was anything but ordinary. The original news footage has racked up a staggering 62 million views, not even counting The Gregory Brothers Song, Bedroom Intruder.

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