How to Crochet A Hat

how to crochet a hat

First Things First

To learn how to Crochet a Hat I recommend you follow the steps below. Keep at it and in no time you will be making all kinds of amazing things. Crochet is a great skill to have on many levels. Learning how to crochet a hat will not only give you a new hat made by your own two hands, but it will also give you the skills to go on and crochet other cool things. You will be surprised at the many patterns you can make once you learn the basics of crocheting.  So read below on how to become a super crochet genius and you will be taking over the world with your new skills in no time!

Get Your Crochet Tools and Yarn

First you need a few tools to start your venture into crocheting. If we are going to learn how to crochet a hat we need the tools to do so.

Basic Tools


Hooks are the main tools you will use throughout your crocheting adventures, so having a good basic set is important. But the good news is that hooks are very inexpensive. There are many different choices out there. You will learn which type of hooks are for you as you get more seasoned at crochet. For now I would suggest a basic beginners set, and you can get a good quality set for about $12


Click Here to check out the beginner hooks.

If you want to go all out and get a professional set of hooks right off, here is a good quality set with its own bag as well.


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If you don’t already have hooks, grab the beginners set and now we are ready to move onto yarn!


A few basic things that you need to know about yarn is that there are a million choices, which is good, but it may be a little overwhelming at first. But we can get through it simply. So these are the things you need to know about yarn;

Brands of yarn


click here to see xxxx yarn

Color of yarn

There is yarn of every color out there, even yarn that is multi-colored, so if you want a specific color, its there to be had.


Check out these cool colors of yarn

Types of yarn

Yarn will become a new obsession, if you decide to carry on your new crocheting journey, and lucky for us it is very inexpensive!


Advanced Tools

These are some tools you will need later on in your crocheting journey.

Learn How to Crochet a Hat

Reading a Crochet Pattern and Learning the Stitches

Reading a Crochet pattern and stitches goes hand in hand, so we will discuss them first, so you will have no trouble learning how to crochet a hat with the pattern book.

Crochet patterns are written in abbreviations and you do this this and this example etc

the basic stitches you will need to know are STICH HERE and STICK HERE which are abbreviated in pattterns like this:

First sticch

this is how you do this stitch

second stitch

this is how you would do this stictch

so, as you can see reading patterns and stitches are easy! now we can get to the fun stuff of making a crochet hat!


Now it is time to learn how to crochet a hat. The best way to learn is to get a simple hat pattern and dive right in. Learning how to crochet a hat is pretty simple, yet it will get you started in a hobby or even a business for a lifetime of fun and creativity.

 Choosing an Easy Crochet Hat Pattern

So we know how to read a pattern now, It is time to select an easy crochet hat pattern to craft. If you are computer savvy, you can get digital patterns in various eBook formats like .PDF and so on. If not, you can just order physical pattern books. The choice is yours, but getting your patterns digitally will be the fastest. As a plus, you can organize them and view them on many devices which is very convenient for the modern day crocheter. So a quick tip is to get as many of your patterns digitally whenever possible. Some of the time the patterns you will want will only come in the physical book form, but the majority will be available in some sort of digital book format.

We recommend the patterns below for your first crochet hat. These are simple yet very nice hats that you can make in just a few hours very easily. And remember to get creative and change the colors!

—>Put Patterns Here

Click Here to get this pattern

Make Your New Crochet Hat

It is time to finally learn how to crochet a hat, now that you have your tools, have your pattern and know a little bit of what you are doing, make your new hat! Take it slow and don’t get frustrated, it will get easier and easier. Just stick at it.

After you learn how to crochet a hat we can move on to other patterns that will produce really cool results and teach you more about crocheting


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learn How to Crochet Granny Squares

Next we recommend learning how to make a few granny skills to teach you more stitches that will further help you on later projects. Granny Squares conjure up thoughts of old and boring. Despite the name, granny squares are becoming very popular. There are a lot of cool patterns that are very un-granny like. Like this owl pattern:

Learn Advanced Crochet – Crochet Stuffed Animals

—>Cool Crochet kits here Star wars frozen etc…


Why should you crochet? Why learn how to crochet a hat? Is this even a question? Well, some crochet after a busy day to unwind.  Others find that crochet provides them the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Maybe you want to crochet because you think that it’s the only thing that stands between you and losing control of your homicidal impulses. Perhaps you want to scout around and find a pattern for a sweater that will absolutely horrify your 15 year old and make them wear it!

crochet hat

Those are only a few possible reasons and the reasons to crochet are many and will vary from person to person. And most will agree that the selling point of crochet is the feeling of finally completing a project.  After you finish this how to crochet a hat you will have your own wearable creation!

When it really comes down to it, there is no reason NOT to crochet! How cool will it be to be able to say, “Yeah, I totally made that. With these two hands!” (Hold up hands for onlookers to observe)

Crochet gloves

check out the free crochet glove pattern here

Well, the distance between you and the ability to make that statement are not far.

No matter why you want to crochet, it is ideal to begin at the beginning. If you crochet on a casual basis and want to make something quick, or are a beginner (especially if you are a beginner!), one of the first things you should learn is how to crochet a hat.

This is because hats are incredibly versatile, easy, and do not take much time to complete. After you learn how to crochet a hat and complete the project you will be hooked (see what I did there?)

Why learn how to crochet a hat

It is possible to learn most of the different stitches from only making hat patterns. You can then use all of the stitches that you learn when making other things such as stuffed animals, granny squares and other lovely patterns .

Learning how to crochet a hat will also teach you to work in rounds. Working in rounds can be confounding and take a little while to get used to. Working in rounds is helpful because you will work in rounds when making stuffed animals and other things.

When you learn how to crochet a hat you can make many different styles and even customize the hat pattern. It is always fun to take a hat pattern and really make it your own!

Crazy crochet hat

There are patterns out there for every one you love, even our furry friends! Here is an incredibly cool book that focuses on our feline companions. Yes, I know most of you have five cats. And, yes, I know their heads get cold in the winter. And, of course, this book is especially for all of you cat-lovers out there!

crochet cat hats

click here to check it out

Now, you are probably wondering when you’re going to get to the part where you learn how to crochet a hat… Well, perhaps sometime soon…

Okay, fine, let’s get to that part now:

How to crochet a hat – (finally…)

The internet is always growing, which means that every day there are new pages and such out there. This also means, there are multiple how-to’s for how to crochet a hat out there. New comers to crochet will want to start with the following how to crochet a hat tutorial:

baby crochet hats

Click here to check it out

This tutorial is great because it teaches the basics of making a hat, like working in the round and adding stitches. The pattern also has great pictures to go with the steps and easy to follow instructions.

Everybody knows a hippie. Hippies are very well known for their fashion, among other things… Why not keep the hippie you know looking super groovy? Here is another cool how to crochet a hat beginner pattern, it features easy to follow instructions and the end result is outta sight!:

Crochet slouchy hats

Click here to see it

Crochet Patterns – Free vs Paid

Written Crochet Pattern

After you have learned how to crochet a hat, you can begin looking at the hundreds of patterns out there. You can be very selective because there really are hundreds of crochet patterns out there. Some patterns are for free, some cost. The differences between the paid patterns and the free patterns are varied really; it depends a lot on the writer of the pattern.

The quality of paid patterns tends to be better, in part because the patterns were tested to ensure their work-ability. Another difference is a lot of the paid patterns seem to be the more complex and high quality patterns. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for their hard work?

There are still really cool complex patterns for free if you explore all there is out there.

The free patterns tend to be handwritten the way that the author crochets. That is fine, but all crocheters have a different style. Which means the pattern could be difficult to read or there could be assumed details that a beginner would not know, which, in turn, could affect the final result. This is not to sway you to or away from either free or paid patterns. There is great stuff out there for free and that cost a little.

As mentioned before, there are thousands of hat patterns to be made! All are calling your name!

If you are ready to have a lot of fun with hats, you can go on to conquer other crochet patterns. Granny Squares are coming back into style, and despite their name, there are a lot of cool patterns – like this one:

Crochet Granny squares

Getting Free Patterns – Pro Tip

free crochet patterns

If you are serious about crocheting there is a great way to get thousands of quality free patterns. Get a Amazon Kindle e reader, you can setup your patterns nicely on it and will have access to kindles free library which has over 400,000 free eBooks, which means tons of free patterns. It is totally worth it and a no brain er. Check out some  amazon kindles:


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Amazon Free Patterns


Crochet Conclusion

To learn how to Crochet I recommend you follow the steps below. Keep at it and in no time you will be making all kinds of amazing things. Crochet is a great skill to have on many levels. So read below how to become a super crochet genius in no time!

Get your crochet tools





Learn to Crochet Granny Squares

Learn to Crochet Scarves

Learn to Crochet stuffed animals

Sell your creations on!

Hats are good beginner projects and hold endless possibilities. You can make great gifts for your family and friends. Most hat projects only take a few hours to complete, so you will be able to have the hat on the same day you begin it! Next Move to making Granny Squares, this will help you learn stitches you will need in later more complex projects.

Next, move on to making a few scarves, they are surprisingly easy, but you will learn a lot by crocheting scarves.


Once you have hat crafting down to a science, you can open a shop on and sell your original patterns, or even the hats themselves. As said before, crochet hats are an excellent starting point for grasping the basics of crochet. And learning how to crochet a hat gives you the confidence to branch out and try new patterns and eventually make your own!


After you get a few project under your belt, you can make all kinds of things, like these cool star wars dolls:

star wars crochet patterns

Click here to check it out

So take a look around How to crochet a hat and learn to make some cool crochet crafts!